Writing Fiction

Sara’s Story (Starting in the past)

Sara has long brown hair that hangs from her shoulders as she holds on to her brown bag for dear life. Her light brown eyes show the sadness floating in her life like dark clouds announcing the coming of the storm. She walks down the street looking for someone or something to full; the emptiness she feels inside, wishing things could have been different with her life. When Sara was younger, she grew up in a household with two beautiful older sisters and felt she was not beautiful or cool enough to be someone who mattered. She spent all her time trying to be someone she was not, by the time those years were over she had no clue who she was as an adult. She had no sense of who was her real friends and who really cared about her for she had faked being happy all the time and had gone to parties when she was happier just being at home watching a good movie. Then she met Mike in college and for the first time she felt like herself, she was happy, laughing all the time, and going out was not so bad. Mike was her first true friend and he made her happy and sad when they fought over the small things but he always kept it real with her. It was hard for her now not to talk to him.

Written By:Deirdre Stokes

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