Writing Fiction

Sara’s Story

Sara has long brown hair that hangs from her shoulders as she holds on to her brown bag for dear life. Her light brown eyes show the sadness floating in her life like dark clouds announcing the coming of the storm. She walks down the street looking for someone or something to full; the emptiness she feels inside.
Wishing things could have been different with her friendship with Mike. The wind starts to blow it is so cold that her fingers, begin to tingle, she quickly starts to button up her brown jacket and pull up the collar to try to block out the wind.
After realizing that the wind is not going to die down, she decides to go back inside to her empty apartment and hope that the wind will die down, maybe tomorrow will be a warmer day.
Maybe a cup of hot peppermint tea in her favorite blue cup will help lift her from this cold day. Later that day, Mike calls Sara up, and they talk and talk for hours as the wind blows outside, blowing leaves in all directions.
Just like their friendship, it could blow in any direction.
Creating a new journey, the colors of the leaves start to distract Sara.
The colors fading together create new hope in Sara’s life.
Her sadness falls away like the leaves on the tree.

Written By:Deirdre Stokes

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