Let it

Week 161 of Three Line Tales


photo by Eugene Lim via Unsplash

go as you trust your skills and talent to carry you through this performance.

This is your time and its up to you to do what is best for you and don’t worry about others right now for if you don’t follow your dream now you won’t ever  truly live it.

So flip and jump and do your best even when the pressure is on for you know how hard you have worked and today you will walk away knowing you accomplished what you were meant to do.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes


Let go!


It has

been one cold month and even though it is ending .

The cold doesn’t seem to be going with it.

The cold laying on my forehead as the weather outside gets colder by the minute.

When will the warmth show up and not only warm us up but brighten our days and nights.

Will the situation to our problem be quick or will it continue to be so long that we will forget the feeling of warmth outside when the sun is shining down on us more than a couple of hours.

And when the warmth is on us then there will be no cold air to feel and hid from that day or that night or even that week.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes



hide away from all the things that can break you.

Because, if you don’t do something how will you ever know the outcome.

It’s worth the discovery of seeing what can make you more and what can try to steal your joy.

And for you to fight back when it tries to stop you for being you.

Like the wind you blow all the negative things away and those that stand their ground you just walk away from because it’s best not to tolerate them even for a minute.

So don’t hide away or go even half way for you were born to find the unknown and discover what it is all about.

And then take that knowledge and go to the next challenge knowing you can and will figure it out even if you need a little help.

Don’t let others tell you what to do just go out there and do what you want for succeeding and failing something you still get something out both.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes





It was just awhile ago when the light shined to bright in your eyes.

And your smile never stop appearing on your lips as you went about doing what you needed to do.

Now it’s like you jumped in a world of sadness and your eyes show nothing but an empty space where your joy used to be.

Your smile to see it again would have to be a miracle for not even a joke cracks that hard surface you have become.

I’m trying with all my heart to try break down this person you have become because, that smile and that joy in your eyes used to light up my world too.

Now the world around us just seems so dim without the light of u shining so brightly.

Maybe one day I will save you from that dark tunnel you have escaped to but, I feel today will not be the day you come back to me.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes




a bird you came into my life unexpectedly.

You turned everything that seemed so out of sync back in sync with me.

It was like the lost piece of me that I thought I’d never see again came back to me with upgrades I didn’t think I needed or truly wanted to accept.

For change has always been hard for me and being alone was something I had gotten used too.

But,you gave me hope and love again and I didn’t think I would ever have them again and trust that it would all workout again.

Things have been looking up even when so much is falling down all around me.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes




Are always  talking about the same things when we know the answers.

Maybe it’s because we keep getting the same results with this person.

And we keep wondering why they keep coming back when all they do is complain and find fault in something or someone.

It makes you hope they find their way soon because life is too short to be doing something  you clearly don’t enjoy.

Because, soon it starts affecting your mood and the way you are until you can’t even recognize yourself anymore.

And that will really be a shame because when the passion dies because you choose to do not what you love.

But, what pleases your wallet at the end of the day you may feel like that wallet full but in the end so empty inside.



Written By: Deirdre Stokes





much has changed as one season of my life comes to an end and another begins.

The tears and the anger and the hurt is in the past now.

As the smile comes out and feeling of being calm is all I want to feel right now.

No rushing

No stressing out

Just as one breathes one at a time with no urgency at all.

So much to do but nothing is more important than me slowing down and taking care of myself first.

As spring comes and flowers start to bloom again, so will I as I come out of my shell and make the right moves in my life even though I know it’s not for the first time it sure feels like it is.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes