This will

 Be the last time I believe in you

As I go about my day.

I won’t look for signs of giving you a second chance.

I just will let this door be closed for good and move on with myself.

For I’ve been told I deserve so much more and right now it’s time to move forward and believe them who have stayed through my many storms.

Silent I will not be anymore and I know you won’t like that as you want to be in charge.



Written By: Deirdre Stokes
Copyright ©️ 2019 By Deirdre Stokes


It was

 Halloween morning and all was excited to go out and trick or treat.

But, some were more happy to party the night away and be free from the stress as they dressed up as someone else.

They too wanted some candy and maybe a good drink or two.

They knew they would be going in late tomorrow so why not have some fun.

But the weather had others things for them as I poured in with so much rain and wind.

Ruining all their plans and with no plans on stopping the joy of the day was quickly wiped away.

What a Halloween it sure has become, with nightmares become reality and monster walk around with no one looking twice at them.



Written By: Deirdre Stokes
Copyright ©️ 2019 By Deirdre Stokes


Like my life


Photo by Ingmar Hoogerhoud on Unsplash

 This foggy photo isn’t showing me where it’s going

Or even if I’m heading in the right direction.

All I want to do is know what is happening for the last couple of weeks

I’ve been in a mad house and no matter how hard I tried to get through it, it just got worse.

No clue how anyone could just give up but still except to get paid for doing nothing always made me realize their are two types of people no matter where you go.

And there always going to be the one you want to steer clear of but always end up stuck with and there is no easy way to escape them either.

The only hope is you can out run them in the fog and then disappear before they reappear in a situation you’ve been trying to avoid.




Written By: Deirdre Stokes
Copyright ©️ 2019 By Deirdre Stokes


This place


Photo by John Westrock on Unsplash

 So beautiful and peaceful that can’t stop coming back to it.

I know now the ugly things don’t matter when I’m here in this place.

It’s like nothing can touch me even when I know all I want to do is run and scream like I’m in a horror movie.

And of course I will run towards the very people hunting me for they too will play as if they are the victims.

Until they turn on me and then as the light fades from my eyes this place will come to my mind and I will be okay with it being my time to go.

Oh how I wish this place wasn’t just in my dreams but where my reality went to be happy and where my soul could have some peace for once.

Written By: Deirdre Stokes
Copyright ©️ 2019 By Deirdre Stokes


There is

No reason

Why things are falling apart!

Other than laziness and lack of communication.

The train is not moving and people keep coming to get on only to be turned away and go on another train.

I wish to get off too and not come back for the same problem is always here.

I don’t want to do it anymore but I don’t want the headache either.

To leave is the only thing running through my mind right now.

To stay is not even a option as I realize it’s just one more snake trying to bit me in a new location.

Nothing new of different about these sneaks and talks.

No point of faking happiness because it’s not what I feel coming to this place.

Written By: Deirdre Stokes
Copyright ©️ 2019 By Deirdre Stokes


Was so

 Angry at the world

That I couldn’t see those around me that have been there along.

Through every storm even the ones they didn’t know about.

They would encourage and push because they don’t want to give up because they saw the light in me when I couldn’t

They stood strong around me waiting for me to be ready to join them.

For they knew the joy of me was coming and not just for a little bit but for a lifetime.

Today was unclean to me but now I see I had to step back to see the truth and now it’s time.

To take one step at a time and just move forward because it’s just too late to give them an second chance.



Written By: Deirdre Stokes
Copyright ©️ 2019 By Deirdre Stokes



Birthday to me.

Another year older and yet something is off.

I am grateful to be alive today and to see what today has in-store for me.

I know that life has been kicking me down a lot lately but, I still feel blessed for I know things could be worst.

So today I may cry and I will laugh and smile and hopefully this milestone of being just a bit older.

Will show me the way for I’m so ready to not settle for any less than what I deserve in every part of my day.

So I hope not only to have a great day but for everyone who takes the time to read my blog to have a blessed day as well.