Daily Prompt: Yarn

Our connection used to be  strong like a metal chain

hard to break.

But, somewhere along our way we got lost and that metal chain turned into

yarn and it begun to come apart so much easier than before.

When one end would come apart I would try to tie it back together and hope that it would last.

But as more pieces of the yarn begun to fall apart I started to wonder if it was worth the effort to keep it all together.

I was over tired from trying to keep something together when it was naturally falling apart.

Maybe it’s time to throw this yarn away and let new connections grow in its place.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes


Daily Prompt: Yarn


I just

got these feelings and no amount of time away

is going to make them stop growing.

A lifetime of feelings for people who may not

care anymore.

For those who don’t know that I ever existed for

I’m just another person walking in the crowd

Another mouth to feed.

Another life to save with words or with God

To do better for me or for you.

To put him before you and anyone else

To tell you that you are not a priority in my life.

To live life knowing what is going to happen or to

wonder what possibly could happen next and that it can’t out do what just happened.

So many emotions playing out as I listen to this song, relatable to my life right now or how can someone go through that.

It would be so painful and confusing and hopeless in the end.

But, they went through it just to get to the other side of their life

and to see the world they love in another point of view.

The future I thought, u thought was going to be it for me or for you

is not the one we are destined to live out.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes



Daily Prompt: Perfume

It was  Saturday, his favorite day of the week for

his favorite customer would come by his store wearing the

only perfume he liked.

The smell was so sweet and fresh like the roses his

mother always had one the kitchen countertop.

She is always friendly and the perfume that she wore was

not the only thing he liked about her.

Her smile always light up the room and he couldn’t stop staring

every time she smiled his way.

He hoped one day that he would get up the courage to ask her

out and spend the rest of his life with his sweet-smelling lady.



Written By: Deirdre Stokes


Daily Prompt: Perfume


I stood

there and just take it all in as your words wash down me like water

I’m frozen in time as each word echo’s in my ear.

With no end to the words that end everything that felt right to me

I thought finally things were looking up for me and  then it was all gone.

I felt the jolt of energy just leave me as the energy I had that day just drain

from me as my spirit broke into a million pieces and then came my heart.

And not long after all that I completely fell apart.

The sound out of me sounded like a wounded animal begging for help and no one

ever came to help me.

So all alone I stood after you took all I had taken away from me just by your words:

“I hate you”, and I never loved you. But I loved how much you ate up everything that came out of my mind”.

Then you laughed because you had tricked me into getting close to you just to turn around and tell me how you really felt.

You always hated me for being me and not caring about the shit others threw at me but for you it was like winning the biggest award.

Hurting me was a game you risked it all just to make sure I was left picking up everything.

For you never believed in romance and love and to make me believe everything you did and said.

Was amazing and for you at the end of the night you slept like a baby, as I tossed and turned and lost apart of me that day.

It would take a while for me to gain my strength back and just as long to trust and love someone again.



Written By: Deirdre Stokes



Daily Prompt: knackered

Long day ends with me

looking and feeling extremely tired.

My body just drags on until I can’t drag on anymore.

I feel like I have aged in a matter of hours

and even through I try to fuel up.

My body says no and wants to give up and rest.

But, my mind is like no we have to finish on a good note.

And in the end as my body enters through the door of my home.

It wins and sleep is all I focus on as I drag myself to bed.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes


Daily Prompt: Knackered



time the day wines down and it’s time to lay my head on my pillow

you pop into my mind and so much peace just falls over me.

Your more important to me then you will ever know and I don’t know

if you ever found out would you understand.

Or would you take it the wrong way and would things turn

so awkward.

I don’t want to lose you so I keep a lot to  myself just to keep the peace between us

for I don’t want to fight with you anymore.

I just want to spend the time I have left with you on a good note for I’m not promised tomorrow and so I Just want this moment I have with you to be amazing.

So when I’m gone that memory would be so strong that even when you think you have forgotten it comes back so strong that you think it happened just yesterday.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes










Daily Prompt: Blanket

So cold out all I want is to stay inside

and be wrapped in my blanket.

My blanket is like a shield that keeps out all the stress and worry.

And all I want to do is stay in it and not deal with my daily responsibilities.

I want to be free again and not have been on a schedule.

I just want to get lost in my music or movies.

while wrapped up in my blanket with no care in the world but to relax.

Letting my mind not have to do much thinking for once.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes


Daily Prompt: Blanket