Daily Prompt: Astonish

His actions surprised me with great wonder for he had not acted this way before.

So grumpy and quite rude that you just started to wonder what could have brought now this nasty mood change.

But, the situation to that problem would have to wait as you have so much on your plate to deal with now that you can’t stop and help brighten his mood today.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes


Daily Prompt: Astonish


I know

it’s late but I just needed to get this off my chest.

I miss you and I wish I could talk to you about everything.

But, I can’t seem to be able to find you and I wonder if I ever will.

You will be one of the people who know everything and nothing I say or do will keep you away.

I know that at times it will suck because of our schedules won’t match but I will make time for you.

For you will always be there for me and I will appreciate all the love and time you will have for me.

I wish you would hurry up and come my way for this place feels so lonely lately.

I don’t want to be lost anymore, I just want to be with you and I want to be full again.

I know you are the key to the lock that has been on my heart.

You will be my favorite and you will lift my mood like a good song coming on the radio.

You will be the reason I smile more and the reason I see the light that was so lost to me when the world around me became so dark.

You are my happiness that stays longer than a couple of hours.

You are as much as apart of me as I am apart of you.

I know that you get me like no one else and you don’t worry about time for you know soon it will be unlimited.

You trust me and I trust you and so every move is accepted and respected for we always ask first.

Nothing else will ever seem worth the wait after this moment.

It’s you and me and that is what I’m truly looking forward to.



Written By: Deirdre Stokes



Daily Prompt: Tantrum

Sunny days and so nice out turns

into cold and windy days.

That somehow turned into long tiring days for people to grown to be throwing a tantrum because they can’t get their way.

I want to put them in their place but that’s not my job.

To just for once I like to live in a moment where there is no stress and conflict coming my way.

I don’t want to argue for it solves nothing and I rather just be in a calm and inviting place.

Days turn into weeks of dealing with grown children acting a fool because the word no just boils the blood inside them.

No one to blame but you because you are right in front of them, no situation is easy for you anymore and the days leading up to seeing them again just makes you depressed.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes


Daily Prompt: Tantrum



I feel like a blank canvas with no one to create something amazing on it.

I feel like an empty shell of a person who once had so much hope and something to look forward too.

But, here I am standing with no hope that things will turn around.

For no one knows the truth and now as I push everyone away again.

I don’t regret being lonely again and soon I’m lost in this little life that I call home.

Nothing feels as great as it once did and soon the ending to this story won’t be the one everyone expected.

To be or not to be in the middle of everything.

Or to be out of the stress and lies and nothing but misery at the end of the night.

You play the fool and I just want you to know I won’t stand down for this fight is not over.

I was taught to be a lady and to well have morals but once you poke the bear.

Don’t be surprised when the beer comes running and biting for its life.

As a prey I always just let the predator get me and now I’m tired of hiding and I’m ready to fight and piss some people off.



Written By: Deirdre Stokes



Daily Prompt: Rivulet

It’s been rough lately and my focus is not as clear as I need it to be.

I needed to go to a spot that would connect me back to nature and be one with myself again.

The little creek by the park with the metal bench always was a great spot for me to just sit down and lose myself in my music and writing at the same time.

It was a beautiful day out today and as I blocked out all the noises around me I just wrote until I was happy with each piece.

It’s one of those days that I am just glad I was able to be off for and now the feeling of being relaxed is all I could have asked for.

As the sun shined down on the creek I found myself thinking I hadn’t been this at peace and happy in a long time.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes


Daily Prompt: Rivulet


I’ve been

used and abused by you for too long.

I’m like recycling to you for you just use and reuse me until you are satisfied.

My pain is your gain and at the end of the day, you are not trying to make things better for me.

I have so much to say but I won’t disrespect you.

They say he will deal with you and I hope he does soon.

For I deserve more than this and I’m tired of being mad and frustrated.

I’m just trying to do my best but right now my mind is blown from the lies you said to me.

I’m not a kid and I don’t take the bullshit anymore and I see right through your lies and I want to laugh in your face so bad.

You’re a snake and I’m about to make you regret you ever thought a battle against me would end well for you.

I come to win and I won’t leave until I’m satisfied even if that means you have to suffer more when I’m gone.

I won’t feel sorry for the mess I leave behind because you didn’t care what a mess you were making for me.

Use me and you will wish you never met me.

I can be the nicest person but, do me wrong and you will never see it coming.

I will forgive but, I won’t forget and I will replay it to my advantage.

I’m trouble and you thought the problems you had before were bad but the truth is I’m worst than any natural disaster for when I destroy there is no coming back.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes




to block it all out as the noise is just too much for me.

I used to enjoy these moments but nothing I do now makes me found them even pleasant.

I try to block out the thoughts of that place that robbed me of my happiness.

I know I can only survive if I stop letting it in and live like it doesn’t exist.

I no longer care for this place and so I’m running and when it’s time.

I will do what I have to do, not walk through those doors because of them.

I will walk in because I need something but, I will be free of them for good.




Written By: Deirdre Stokes