Um good question

List 10 things you know to be absolutely certain.

So there are a few, and I will see if I get to ten.

1. I believe and trust in God

2. I love my family

3. I love my dog Clifford

4. I am loyal to my family

5. I am worthy

6. That I matter

7. That I love to read

8.That I love to write

9. That I am meant to use my voice through writing.

10. That I am living my life and not just surviving.

I don’t know how deep this question was supposed to be, but those are the top ten for me, and if I had to list one or two more, it would be, I am sure I love art and movies. And I am confident I am who I am supposed to be, and being sensitive and in tune with my feelings and understanding myself better now is the best part of being me!

I hope you all have a blessed day, and don’t stress too much about this prompt!

Written By: Deirdre Stokes Copyrighted ©️ 2023 By Deirdre Stokes


How I

How do you express your gratitude?

Express my gratitude.

Through my words as I want you to know how much you’ve helped me.

Through a hug, I will sometimes write those words down, and you can look at them later.

I hope to keep showing my gratitude to everyone who does good for me, as life is too short not to say what needs to be said to them.

Because sometimes, remembering those moments of how you helped someone can get you through moments of doubt.


What I am

What are you most worried about for the future?

most worried about my future would be my financial stability and what I will be doing professionally, as where I am now working is not my future job.

Now if I am worried about the future in a whole. That is a big thing to worry about as I can’t control how the world will be as the people in government and other places rule us.

The world is full of many sad and unnecessary violence, and I know the future is not clear if those things will get better or worse.

I do know that God is by my side now, and he will be in my future as well, and no matter what storms are thrown my way, as long as I stay strong in my faith, it will be what it will be. I will find joy and peace, and understanding somehow.

The future of this world I can’t control, but my future, I can listen to God and stay on the right path and not worry too much about it.

If there is one thing I learned, worrying too much makes the outcome way worse than it can be, so I will not worry and let the Lord guide me, as he is the only one who knows what is in store for me.



What makes a teacher great?

Is a teacher great? I feel the best teachers are the knowledgeable ones.

They know the subject, and they are willing to help you in any way possible, and they make the subject clear for you before moving on.

They are kind, and they make learning fun and worth the challenge.

They push you to your creative limits because they believe in you, and they want you out of your comfort zone.

They are friendly but professional, and their personality and humor make you remember them many years later.

A great teacher’s lessons stay with you for life, and I’m so glad I had some great teachers in my lifetime.


Have I ever

Have you ever had surgery? What for?

Had surgery before? Yes, but only outpatient when I needed an implant in my mouth.

It takes quite a while as they put in a new root, and you let that heal for months.

Then they put in the screw and hope your mouth doesn’t reject it, and for three more months, you wait patiently.

Then when everything looks good, you get your mold for the tooth and wait for that to come in, and when it does.

You will be glad it will finally be over—no more waiting.

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Like a nightmare

I can’t seem to wake up from

Until my fear is so high I wake up

Shaken up and pray the dream will never come true.

That there is no true meaning to it.

And that it was just a nightmare or a fiction story; I needed to write.

As for how that dream ended, I’m not too fond of the unknown.

But I know we are better together than when we are apart.

So here’s to fighting the unknown together and coming out on the better side.

Written By: Deirdre Stokes Copyrighted ©️ 2023 By Deirdre Stokes


Happy Mother’s Day


I hope you enjoy your day with your loved ones. Or get a moment to relax and appreciate the memories, as today may be different for us all.

I just had an excellent breakfast with my mother and the rest of my family.

I feel truly blessed to spend time with my mother, my rock and biggest supporter.

We have so many memories together that I will always cherish them.

Today is just another day of showing her how much I love her.


My favorite

What is your favorite holiday? Why is it your favorite?

Holiday is Christmas as it is a magical time of year.

It’s a time when spending time with each other is at the highest.

When Christmas movies are on, they are one of the things I look forward to and are my favorite part of the holiday. Of course, the Christmas lights are great too

Gifts are nice but as I get older they aren’t what I look forward too.

Christmas reminds me to show my love for others and to spend what time we have together. And it’s the time of year when yo reflect on all that you did and what you didn’t do.

It’s a time to relax and just drink delicious holiday drinks and eat sweets and just be merry.


If I had to

What are your favorite emojis?

Choose my favorite emojis; um, what would they be?

🤪 For working 7 days straight at work can drive me a little crazy.

🤣 because every day there is something worth laughing so hard at.

🤦🏽‍♀️ Because everyone has that one person who can’t seem to get together, so you feel like you’re doing this all day, every day

🤗 Because I don’t like hugs but virtual hugs are just great.

🙏🏽 For praying for others’ safety and situations is something I love to do. Wishing the best for others when times get hard is all we can do sometimes.

😎 this one looks fantastic, and I like to be cool sometimes or slick when I get away with something.

❤️😘🥰 because there are some people I love out there and I ain’t afraid to show it.

And those are the emojis of my life!