#MayBook Prompt


We all have a life and live in a place

Where people feel the universe is guiding them.

Or some believe and trust in God to guide their life

And is a step away from the evil and sin on this earth.

No matter what we believe or trust we all want everything

To go well in our life and to feel like we can or will do everything

Out little hearts desire.

And maybe we will, for our life is everything to us and the universe exist

In our world.

We all feel someone is our everything and we would do everything in our

Power to help them and hopefully they will do the same for us.

This life we have is precious whether we believe in different things for we

Are all no better than the other.

And in the end we all have decisions to make that will have different results

But were all just trying to live our lives one step at a time.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes


For the #May Book Prompts-Life, The Universe, And Everything


Daily Prompt:Circus

Sometimes life can seem like a circus

Because, you’re juggling so much at once that,

Sometimes it seems like your part of an act.

And sometimes someone is always  telling you to do something,

As if they are your ringmaster and you’re the lions trying

To buy yourself some time to figure out how to escape and finally

Get out this cage you never signed up for.

With no one to help you, you’re on your own and the obstacles are

Becoming  harder the more you put distance between you and the circus

You call your life sometimes.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes


Daily Prompt: Circus




#MayBook Prompt

To be Brave


in a new world

For you just open your eyes

And everything is new to you.

The person holding you for first time

Has such kind and loving eyes.

As they stare down at you, and you have to be brave and stare into those

Eyes and entrust yourself to them for as long as they will have you.

And as time goes on you realize this person is called mommy and mother and maybe

There is a daddy or dad.

And they are in charge but you soon realize you can wrap them around your finger

When you’re young and the first-born or the only child.

And as you grow maybe you begin to want to brave this new world on your own

Even when you’re not ready, just to know you don’t have to be bosses around to

Make it on your own.

But sometimes you can still be brave in new things and,still ask for help from

The hands that always been there to pick you back up when you fall.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes


For the #May Book Prompts-Brave New World


Daily Prompt: Blank

Before you got to know me

I was like a blank sheet of paper.

To you I was a mystery to be solved

For you had to figure out if I was worth writing on.

You didn’t know anything about me and so that page

Of memories and facts about me were very slim.

Everyday you stared at that paper, wondering if I

Was worth the risk.

And then one hot summer day you turned on your fan

To cool off and that blank sheet of paper was blown in your face

And you realized it was time to find out who I am and soon

That blank page is a full-page of facts about me.

And as you look back on everything, you are grateful you took

The risk and talked to me.

For every blank page deserves you to write out its story or for

You to write out your own to share with others and, to take that page

From blank and create something great.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes


Daily Prompt: Blank






Daily Prompt: Orderly

To be Orderly is to be tidy.

And just maybe some days

That’s hard because you’re  tired

And at the end of the day.

Sleep is all you want for your

Eyes are heavy and you can’t

Seem to fight it no matter how

Much you try.

So you rest and when you wake

You tidy up like never before.

And everything is in order again



Written By: Deirdre Stokes


Daily Prompt: Orderly


#MayBook Prompt

My Paradise

Is lost to me

for I never seem to get the time

to relax and think about a place to call my Paradise.

If I had the time I would arrive at my Paradise and the

first thing I would see would be the beach with it nice sand

and, blue clear water from the front of the resort I’d be staying on.

My Paradise  would have free complimentary Alcoholic beverage as you pull up in the

shuttle that picked you up at the airport.

The lobby would be grand and open space  with a large all crystal chandelier hanging

from the ceiling and, the walls would be white & gold with clean white tiles.

A grey rug would lead you up to the receptionists desk  where you key for your room

would be waiting for you, once you checked in.

And your room would be so luxury, that when you open the door the fresh smell with a little hint of mint will greet you as you get settle and sit on your bed for the week or two.

You will be delighted on how soft the bed is and the sheets feel so soft like what you feel the clouds in the sky would feel like.

As you quickly fall asleep from the long day of travel, you can’t wait until tomorrow to feel the sad between you toes and water washing over you as you take a nice swim in the ocean.

And when that joyful moment is over, you can’t wait to explore this island and resort you are on and to be able to forget about your troubles and just for once focus on relaxing and enjoying the time of your life.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes


For the #May Book Prompts-Paradise Lost

#MayBook Prompt

The Ocean

is where I want to be and I wish it was just down at  the end of the lane.

For I would go see the ocean every chance I could get.

To stare at the blue water  and to feel the sand between my toes as the water

wash up around me as I enjoy this little piece of silence by myself.

To feel the morning sun on me,to feel the breeze blow through my hair

as if it was the perfect morning to reflect on the things in my life.

To feel the cold water over me as I dive under and come back up knowing

things will be different when I step out the water and face the reality that everything isn’t as calm and relaxing as the ocean is today.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes


For the #May Book Prompts-The Ocean At The End Of The Lane


Daily Prompt:Epitome

The jewelry she made was known to be epitome of elegant and good taste for homemade pieces.

She was quite happy with the pieces she made and, felt honored to host tonight’s event.

Her mother was an elegant and just graceful women, that she felt her jewelry would represent that down to the last gem in each piece.

She was ready for the sale of each piece and walk away from this event with her honor still attached.

She knew others didn’t see her status as elegant but above average, yet not good enough to be here.

But somehow her pieces spoke to them and soften up their hearts to buy every last piece at the event.

So in the end she won and she didn’t have to change for them because her true essence out shined their judgement.

Through every last tear she poured apart of herself into her jewelry, a pure perfection of innocence and elegance sharp her chains together.

The gems of each piece had the grace of her mother in their design and shine that drew the attention of everyone who ever walked past it.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes


Daily Prompt: Epitome


Daily Prompt: Fork

There is always going to be a fork in the road

But maybe I’ve finally made it past a hurdle

In my path.

And as I walk down the path that led me away from

The things that have no place in my new-found journey.

I’m glad God has Lead me where I need to be, even when

I felt  I wasn’t ever going to make to see the end result for

It seem to be taking a lifetime to happen and come true.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes


Daily Prompt: Fork

#MayBook Prompt

You were

never where I needed you

never where you were suppose to be.

You don’t ever seem to care that you, were

never where you needed to be.

It never was about if you needed to make

a commitment about being on time.

Maybe the never being where you were needed, was

your stage of telling us all you just wanted to be left alone.

You didn’t want the responsibilities that others had.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes


For the #May Book Prompts-Neverwhere