Daily Prompt: Fierce

People called her fierce because she knew what she wanted

and maybe she was little aggressive sometimes but she always wanted things done on her time and her way.

She wouldn’t allow others to get in her way for she knew she was capable of doing many things.

She was strong mentally and physically and always tried to help out when she could, she never felt she was too intense towards anyone.

She didn’t back down when she felt someone was coming at her for being who she was meant to be.

She knew there were better things out there for her and she took the risk when she could.

Never stopping once to wonder what others thought of her and for that she will always be fierce and unstoppable.

For nothing will ever be big enough to stand in her way and truly withstand her strength and will of getting what she wants in the end.



Written By: Deirdre Stokes


Daily Prompt:Fierce




Wordle #248


I climbed the hills to hide away from it all

To close off the noise that left the scars that still burn so strong.

It’s like the fire that never seems to burn out

And so the light flickers on and on.

The prophet had a vision that predicted the naked truth that my sins would need to be forgiven before I could come out of this all no longer unholy but pure again.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes

Wordle #248


Daily Prompt: Vice

I stood there watching you struggle with your biggest weakness.

And I so badly wanted to reach out and help you conquer this problem so your life could be so much better.

But, you pushed me away as this habit became more important to you than I did.

Your days were dark and lonely and helpless but you didn’t know how to fight this thing now that you were alone.

I wanted so bad to run to you and help you fight it but your words so angry and scary stopped me every time.

Soon the day came and there was nothing I could do but stand over your grave and cry that your weakness had  won and now I had to let you go.

But, I will always remember you my friend.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes











Daily Prompt: Expert

You were the expert at almost everything and you loved it.

For everyone was always coming to see you for answers and, once they got it they would soon leave.

But, you soon realize knowing everything isn’t as fun when you’re alone.

No one stays to talk to you or even ask how you are or how have you been.

It’s just I need to know the answer to this or that and I need it now.

You start to wonder if you weren’t the expert of it all, would they  want to be your friend.

So you stop giving answers and some leave to find someone else to give them knowledge.

But, to your surprise some stay and you give them advice and friendship.

You lived on spreading your knowledge and now that  you knew your worth.

It helped you live on knowing who was there for you and who was there for your knowledge.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes



Every Friday Writting Prompts:Free Writing timer, Poetry

I can’t look

One eye open one eye shut as the scary part of the movie begins.

The scary sounds are so loud that you jump when something happens.

As you build up the courage to look with your hands still covering your face just in case something frightening happens again.

In the darkness of the movie theater no one sees you so afraid and you relax as the guy runs away from the evil cruel woman.

As the movie plays on you begin  to think what if that could happen  in real life and you start to not want to sleep for you fear it will get you.

So you sleep with one eye open and one eye closed and hope you can get through the night without the things on the movie scene haunting you.

But, that doesn’t workout and you fall asleep with both eyes close and nothing happens but a good might of sleep.

For some movies don’t all become true.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes


Free Flow Fridays: One-eye-open-eye-shut


Daily Prompt: Cheat

Why did he cheat

Why did she cheat

Why do they keep making the same mistakes with these people who have no desire to feel bad like you do when your caught and a relationship is ruined.

If you wanted it to end, why not just say the words its over I’m sorry but instead you shove some girl in my face or some guy in his face.

So in the end the fire is burning bright and that favorite shirt is burning and all the photos of you and him are broken.

As he screams in pain

As she screams in pain

No one was left not broken that day and yet you’re begging for forgiveness and for her to take you back.

And she says she will forgive you but she wants noting more but to forget you and move on.

And over the next months she slowly begins to rebuild and the memories of you cheating are fading and she or him can smile again.

For you cheated yourself out of a friend or the feeling of living without the guilt that haunts you for her sad face is forever scarred into your memory of that day.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes


Daily Prompt: Cheat




Daily Prompt: Mistake

I want to say it was a mistake the night the stars twinkled in the night sky

and your smile shined so bright.

The night we stayed up so late that I was so tired the next day, the time I got

to spend with you was worth a thousands nights of bad sleep.

We talked about everything and connected on so much it seemed like the time spent apart was all worth it for this moment.

How could I say this was a mistake because I’m so tired that my eyes can’t stay open for one more moment.

I would be a fool to say the loss sleep was more important than spending time with you and, to tell you the truth I’d do it all over again.

Sometimes  the word mistake isn’t needed because you were happy to spend that time doing what you love or spending it  with someone you care about and in the end the memory of the moment will live on.

Whether your still friends are not.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes


Daily Prompt: Mistake

Every Friday Writting Prompts:Free Writing timer, Poetry

Being invisible

is just another day for me

no one looks at me.

No one calls or text

I float though life-like a ghost.

I smile at you and you look right through me

and the moment of finally getting noticed is over.

I try to stand so tall and strong as everyone pushes past me

and when they bump into me they have this look of surprise on their face

like touching me is the only way they see me standing or walking there.

I say sorry because maybe it was my fault too and they just blinked and walked on.

How did I become so invisible that no one seems to see me or maybe they don’t want to and so I wonder what is so unworthy of me that  I just became invisible to them all.

It’s like one day I was there surrounded by many and apart of the crowd now I’m surrounded by many and every single person ignores me that I’m there and, so I am the girl in a visible world but invisible to them all with no hope of reappearing again.



Written By: Deirdre Stokes


Free Flow Friday: Invisible


Daily Prompt: Witness

  As I stood there witnessing  you talking nasty about someone you knew.

I started to see how catty you were and how I didn’t want to be like that so I stopped gossiping about the things that were not my business.

Or I let what you thought of others be your view and not get involved with the mess you were digging yourself into by spreading the ugly truth or lies.

To stand back and realize that no matter where you go things will still seem like high school and the gossip was just on a nastier level.

To witness someone being mean about someone else, made me start to lose my trust in them.

For they were probably saying things about me as well and here I am being honest and trusting only to witness it all happening to me.

If only I could go back and stop you when I had a chance and maybe just maybe I wouldn’t have to witness the cruelty of your words being thrown at me.

When will we stop witnessing the crime of gossip and put a stop to it?

I can only hope tomorrow I won’t be a witness anymore.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes


Daily Prompt: Witness


Daily Prompt:Obvious

It was obvious today was going to be a long day

That would be full of hard work and no time for breaks.

As I ran around like a dog chasing his favorite toy, energy that was inside of me slowly faded until I couldn’t tell you what was going on.

The day slowly faded so fast in front of me, and darkness was all I saw when I finally slowed and looked at the night in front of me.

The moon shining so brightly made it obviously clear that even though I got a lot done that day.

I didn’t really get to live in the moment and just breath in the relief when everything worked out.



Written By: Deirdre Stokes