I know

that things will be different now and I’m trying to be strong through all the changes.

But, all I feel is this great weight on my shoulders and I didn’t ask for this and all I can do is walk with my head up and hope I carry it all on my own.

Or I can let it drop and move on and not feel guilt that this thing I didn’t wait is left for someone else to pick up.

I know my limits but, lately it’s like to others my limits don’t matter for they just don’t want to do certain things themselves and so they hope I will do it for them.

I know you dont’ expect this from me and so that’s fine when you are in shock and realizing your back up plan is no more.

I know that I feel free and no weights are weighing me down anymore and I know you may look at me differently but, I never signed up saying I’d be your yes girl.

So no I don’t have time for you now and I’ll let you know when I do.




Written By: Deirdre Stokes


1 thought on “I know”

  1. We all have a heavy weight we carry at one time or another, but we don’t but we don’t need to be bowed down with that weight. There is some one that is far stronger than we are. He will carry it for us always. Just give it to Him, and don’t take it back. [[[HUGS]]]

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