Daily Prompts


What details of your life could you pay more attention to?

Details of my life could I pay more attention to?

When I pray and how often I talk to God, I try to focus on my mind, soul, and body so that I am genuinely taking care of my mental and physical health, not just when I’m off work but when I’m working, too. Try to be more present in what makes me happy and well before burnout.


In what

In what ways does hard work make you feel fulfilled?

Ways does hard work make me feel fulfilled?

Hard work fulfills me because my effort helps my team get ahead.

I like it when I work hard because I can get things done and feel content with what I have done. And it helps me keep working hard to achieve bigger and better goals.

If I can work hard and help others, working hard fulfills me and those around me.

Daily Prompts


What could you do more of?

Could I do more of?

More traveling

Spending more time with my family and friends

More Reading

More writing

More living

More marketing and selling my books

More Making abstract art

More taking time to relax and slow down.

More time to do all the things I love without having to do the things I’m tired of doing.

Daily Prompts

What’s the best

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

Piece of advice I’ve ever received?

Commit to your greatness now! Don’t wait to be happy or wait until you have what you need to be happy about.

This still rings true as everything I still want to do is within my reach and I choose to be happy with the peaceful, stressful life I live for I am blessed now and whatever comes next I know I can handle it.

For the moments of happiness I have now, I can’t get back if I wait for joy to come to me, for nothing in life is granted.

I would rather live a life of no regrets for my opinion of my life is all that matters.

Daily Prompts

I don’t

What’s your all-time favorite album?

Think I have an all-time favorite album?

Right now, I am enjoying Teddy Swims’s new album.

And I mean, I like all the songs, and that’s probably why I don’t have a favorite all-time album. For me, that means all songs have me hooked, and I can’t remember the last one since 2015, Alessia Cara’s “know-it-all” deluxe album.

Maybe one day I will find that album, but not today, I guess!