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When you

Stop hesitating and hiding what is about to happen in your life.

And you wake up on Sunday morning and post what is to come everywhere!

But inside, you are still nervous, but this is the life you love, for writing is your passion.

On Tuesday, May 23rd, the sequel to my first fiction book, “The Curse of Wayward Forest,” is coming out and is currently on pre-order for $0.99 on Amazon. Here is the link and a short trailer of my book. Have a blessed Day and Week ahead, and thanks for your continuous support of my blog.

Book Reviews/Praise, Writing Fiction

It’s been

Over a year since I published my first book, and that was an incredible journey. And since then, I’ve been writing, and I’m proud to announce I’ve published my second book this time. It’s a fiction book.
The Curse of Wayward Forest, and I wanted to share it with you all today. I would love your support. Here’s the blurb and cover of the book. The link is below e-book is currently on sale for $0.99.

Beware the curse of the white oaks…

Born of Native American heritage, Dawn Young learns that the supernatural is real, and her family plays a big part in dealing with the things that go bump in the night. She’s a friendly green witch, and things are fantastic… until she learns of the curse of the White Oak Trees.

Yes, her hometown is cursed.

She can only save herself and her town when she discovers that she is the curse’s next target! But Dawn doesn’t want to be the chosen one—she just wants to do ordinary teenage girl things like hanging out with her friends and photographing nature. With the help of her supernatural family, though, she might just stand a chance if everyone works together.

As time runs out for the curse to exact its toll, will she find a way to end the cycle for good, or will she become its next victim?

Read now for an exciting coming-of-age fantasy story with plenty of adventure, discovery, and mystery. Both children and adults will enjoy this supernatural tale so good it just might give you goosebumps.

I hope everyone has a blessed day!

Writing Fiction

In A

Photo by Sven Pieren on Unsplash

small town lived people who have dreams and desires

like everyone else in bigger or smaller towns.

But in this town there was no strangers but family and more family.

They supported each other no matter what was going on and they light up the town every winter in hopes to draw someone new in.

For once you visited this town, you never seemed to want to leave and even if you do you don’t stay away for long.

Written By: Deirdre Stokes
Copyrighted ©️ 2020 By Deirdre Stokes

Writing Fiction

This Christmas

was turning out to be quite the spooky one

as the fog rolls in everyday at noon and the lights on the tree would just come on.

When the tree was not even plugged in.

It all started last year when the ghost of Holly-town visited the inn on Dec 21th.

Everything that was so bright turned dim and everything so dim turned too bright.

But no where insight would you find logical proof that it was more than just a ghost haunting the one place he missed the most.

Written By: Deirdre Stokes
Copyrighted ©️ 2020 By Deirdre Stokes

Writing Fiction

His anger

is eating him alive as he realizes his losing more than he can take

he didn’t think she would walk away without a goodbye.

But, she did and it sadden him for he never meant to close her out but he was so angry at himself for what he did.

That he just knew she wouldn’t accept him now that she saw the anger he had been hiding this whole time.

But, he was wrong as he saw the hope in her eyes days before he heard the news.

He didn’t know what to do but he knew he had to do something or he would lose her forever.

He tried to reach out to the ones close to her and with some luck he found out when she was leaving and what time she needed to be at the airport.

He dressed nicely and got to the airport early and waited nervously for her to arrive, an hour went by and the anticipation was killing him.

But, soon he saw her friend Tina car pull up and then she got out and got her bags and hugged Tina good-bye.

She was so beautiful with her long curls out and wrapped up from the cold and windy morning weather.

But, where he stood he could see she was not herself and it hurt for he didn’t know if he was because of him or something he missed out on.

The minute she walked into the airport and started to walk to check in, he moved quickly to block her path.

And as those brown eyes looked up at him with shock and a slight grin appeared on her face.

He knew he had made the right move and so he spilled out all the things he should have said to her before they grew apart.

And in the end she said she forgave him and she hoped they will stay connected while she was gone and she hoped nothing but the best for him and would see him in a month or two.

That was the day their friendship grew to unbreakable and she forever remembered that day he risk it all just to make sure they stayed close and true to each other.

For he knew she always had his back like he had hers and, so they became more than friends, they became family.



Written By: Deirdre Stokes

Writing Fiction

Daily Prompt:Sated

I’m sated with the chooses I have made in life today.

So many trials I went through just to live now with so much hope, belief and faith.

To let God handle it all and for first time not have a moment of doubt.

It will all work out and if it doesn’t who cares, I’m too strong now to let failure break me down.

I am worthy and successful no matter where I end up.

Today could be my greatest day but only if I accept that the impossible can come true and if I fall.

I can always get up and build myself up again until I’m 100% sure I can do this.

I am sated and I will not turn back for nothing.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes

Daily Prompt: Sated

Writing Fiction

Wordle # 118

1. Antlers

2. Evil

3. Evasive

4. Residual

5. Barkeep

6. Struggle

7. Dahlia (a type of flower, can also be a name)

8. Transfuse

9. Methuselah (a patriarch who lived 969 years. Gen. 5:27. an extremely old man. a very large wine bottle holding 6½ quarts (6 liters).

10. Pluck

11. Presentiment (a feeling or impression that something is about to happen, especially something evil; foreboding.)

12. Fourth Rule (There’s an exception to every rule.)

Use at least 10 of the words to create a story or poem

The words can appear in an alternate form

Use the words in any order that you like.

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Dahlia was such a lovely name at least that’s what her mother thought.

But as Dahlia begun to grow up the more evil she became.

To little jokes or pranks you thought were cute at five but,at fifteen she was out of control.

The struggle to raise such a girl was hard on her mother.

Every time you turned around she had antlers on her head showing you  who she truly was.

She had accepted the darkness in her life longtime ago and the need for being bad flowed through her veins everyday.

The evil inside her was Methuselah and Methuselah felt like it was someone who was years beyond her age.

Her mother had a Presentiment moment that lead her to take an evasive action to help get rid of the evil inside her daughter.

Her mother searched high and low for her but could not find Dahlia.

Who was busy across town at a low-key bar hanging with her barkeep friend, enjoying drink after drink.

Until the drinks started to leave a nasty residual in her month, so she asked for water and so sobered up.

As Dahlia walked to her car, she begun to feel like someone was watching her in the darkness of the night.

So many shadows to hide in until they could pluck her off the street.

So she picked up her pace and just as she got to her car, she froze as a hand reached out and plucked the evil right out of her.

Soon the sunrises and Dahlia was never the same.

Written By: Deirdre Stokes

Wordle # 118




#MayBook Prompt, Writing Fiction

The Nightmare

It all started with me leaving the house

That night, it was so dark and silent

Too silent if you ask me but I kept walking.

As I entered the forest that night all I thought

About was this is the quickest way to your house.

But as I got deeper into the woods, I swear something

Touched my jacket.

But it was just a branch I hope, yet I couldn’t bring myself

To look back and find out.

For I’ve heard the stories of the hands and teeth that come out in

The night.

But I’ve always laughed it off for no ones really had proof to prove

If it was real.

However, as I got closer to edge and could see the light on your front porch I’ve never been so happy and relieved at the same time.

Then it happened so quick, something grabbed me and as I was jerked backward

I heard something say: “don’t fight us, you belong to us Dawn and its time to connect.”

I started to really freak out inside but I  fought smarter this time and as I ripped myself away from my old blue jean jacket.

I looked back and I saw the hands holding my jacket, they were tan human hands and above them were teeth.

Sharp teeth and they were smiling at me, and even though I knew I had to run and get away.

I knew I needed proof, so I quickly took out my phone and snapped picture after picture.

Until they came at me again, so I ran as fast as I could and I didn’t stop until you opened the door.

Peter: Dawn what’s wrong, you look like you seen a ghost and where’s your jacket its freezing out here?

Dawn: They took my jacket and I didn’t see a ghost, I saw the hands and teeth in the forest. Oh my gosh Peter the stories are true!!

Peter: No way, I’ve lived here my whole life and nothing ever got me in that forest Dawn. You must have brushed up against a branch and got scared.

Dawn: No Peter, it wasn’t a branch and i’ ve got proof to prove it too you.

Dawn pulls out her phone and shows Peter all the photos and Peter no longer doubts what she told him.

But he fears what she said the teeth said to her,for Peter’s grandmother has lived in this town all her life.

When he was little she told him  a story of her Native American tribe from the past.

And in that story the tree’s take a girl every 16 years, and use her youth to make the forest thrive for as long as she lives.

As all the pieces come together Peter knows his friend would soon be gone, he hugs her and tells her it will be okay and they must rest for the night.

When Dawn has fallen asleep, Peter goes to his grandmother to seek advice and a way to help Dawn.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes



For the # May Book Prompts-The Forest Of Hands And Teeth

#MayBook Prompt, Writing Fiction

The Library

It had been a long day of researching

And  the quietness of the library helped me focus

For the first time this semester.

I felt good to not have to rush to pull this paper

Together, and it was quite an interesting subject.

But as I looked up from the book I had been reading

And checked my phone is was almost  8pm and I was starving

But as I collected my stuff, something brushed  past me.

As I looked up no one was near me but I just shook it off and

Left, hoping the cafeteria was serving something with chocolate

For dessert.

As I finished my dinner and looked in my bag for my keys, they weren’t there but I had them at the library.

I swear I had picked them up, ugh I can’t get in my car or my apartment and the all is too long.

I have to go back to the library now,  I walk as fast as I can go to get there even though it doesn’t close until 1 am.

I’m getting tired and just want to go home, I reach the library in no time and quickly take the elevator to the third level and walk to the end to the abandoned  table near the window out looking the park.

As I look around I spot the keys in the corner underneath the table, and as

I reach down to get them something touches my back.

And whispers, “ I will take your soul to keep, forever if you don’t help me get out of this place.”

I hit my head, as I rubbed it with my right hand I grabbed my keys with my left  and got up, only to see a pale face staring out me.

I can’t move as my body begun to shake with fear, the pale-faced boy opened his mouth and.

Said: “You have two months to get me out of here or you will be enjoying next semester with me in smelly old library forever!! And this isn’t  a dream the last girl didn’t take me serious and she’s haunting the second floor of this place.”

As quickly as he spoke, he was gone and I  was left alone to figure out how to save my soul and finish this semester without failing.

Because if I could get it all done, I might just transfer out of this place.

But, first I need to find the poor girl haunting the second floor and save her as well.

For my friend Susan disappeared last semester and the second floor of the library was her getaway place.


To be continued………… Maybe


Written By: Deirdre Stokes

For the #May Book Prompts-Library of souls