Make a wish

And just maybe all your dreams and hopes will come true.
Or the stress of your day will melt away as the snow outside has.
Or it blowing it away will remind you of your childhood when you would blow and wish all your wishes would come true.
Now you know it won’t, but just a little but of your childhood memories make you take only one more chance on this weed.
And so you blow, and it all drifts away in so many directions and as you smile and think about how silly you must look.
You hope a little bit that your day will get better and that those childhood memories still brought some joy to your present moments in your life.

Written By: Deirdre Stokes
Copyrighted ©️ 2021 By Deirdre Stokes


How can

I complain or feel sorry for myself.

When we each carry a different story, an additional pain that we either hide or show to the world.

Who are we to beg for things that others are struggling to get on their own.

But you always with your hand out asking for more as if he is your bank.

As if she didn’t have to work hard at a job she didn’t love just to make a difference in her life.

As if he did escape what little he had to make something of himself.

His fault was that he worked hard and missed out on things to be able to pay the bills.

Or that she instead save and live a little bit, not go out all the time.

Now she lives in a world where less time out means she has less chance of getting COVID-19.

But still, the risk of having it all is out there, and yet she is always judged, but for what now?

And even though she knows they all want to know.

There are things she won’t share, and so there are things she won’t complain about either.

So happy she seems but is that all of her, you see.

Written By: Deirdre Stokes
Copyrighted ©️ 2021 By Deirdre Stokes


I don’t know

what to say tonight but I’m craving to reach out and say something.

But the truth is I’m holding myself back for I don’t know how this is going to go

and what if I speak too soon and things get worse.

I don’t know why I’m holding back because it just seems like were going in circles too many times before.

I know tonight is the right night to let it all flow out and as I hit send I know there is no going back this time and I am okay with that.

Written By: Deirdre Stokes
Copyrighted ©️ 2021 By Deirdre Stokes


You said

Week 265 of Three Line Tales

photo by Jason Yoder via Unsplash

Dress to impress, and she did in her new green dress, the dress that would have people complimenting her all night long.

First, she has to get to the party since his car died two blocks away from the party and four blocks away from her house.

Tonight you both are trying your best to get there on time and still enjoy it all.

Written By: Deirdre Stokes
Copyrighted ©️ 2021 By Deirdre Stokes

Three Line Tales 265 | Only 100 Words


It’s time to

rest and take the time to be alone
for your doing too much and losing yourself would be a crime.
I know that you are invincible, and you can overcome any and everything.
So smile more and let your light out as you write for yourself again and again.
Let the music take you away as you heal from it all and just when you think you can’t take the break anymore.
Just let it all fall away and embrace this new change as you see life on a new level.
Maybe tomorrow will be just what you need, so let it all go tonight.
For maybe you will have all you need tomorrow when you wake and face what you put off.

Written By: Deirdre Stokes
Copyrighted ©️ 2021 By Deirdre Stokes


How can I

move forward when it feel like I am at a stand still and the hope of coming up on top seems impossible.

Even when small improvements are happening

here I am still not so happy about it and so I don’t want to talk about it.

But here you are asking about it and I get it this is fascinating.

But at the same time this means so much to me and failing just isn’t something I want to think about right now.

Learning and growing at the sametime is a balance I realize I’m not so sure about.

I can feel the energy growing inside and I don’t know if I can keep dealing with this stress or pressure.

But I don’t want to be so distracted again that I don’t accomplish what has be given to me because this opportunity is not always offered to everyone who wants this dream.

Written By: Deirdre Stokes
Copyrighted ©️ 2021 By Deirdre Stokes