Daily Prompt Clouds


Clouds rain down on me

and wash my sorrows away.

Clouds come out and play with

me on a sunny day.

Clouds entertain me on a boring day

with your many shapes.

Help me find an elephant or a boat floating

high above me as I lay on the grass sky watching.

Clouds you’re always around telling me if the weather will be nice,or when the Storm is rolling in.

And how soon I need to get inside before it really starts to pour down on me.

clouds you brighten my day and warn me when the day may take a turn I didn’t expect.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes

Daily Prompt: Clouds


Daily Prompt: Tourist

You love traveling to new places and seeing new faces.

Everything locals take for granted you shine light back on them.

You bring joy to the towns you come to visit even if it’s just for a day.

You get people talking about the place they love and you get them to share their history.

And at the end of your day you’re full of new memories and maybe some new friends as well.

And maybe even promise to come back and explore the streets you have yet to see.

Or maybe your new friend has  invited you back so they can share with you the secrets of their town.

Tourist you are welcomed, so come out and explore the many places out there!


Written By: Deirdre Stokes

Daily Prompt: Tourist


My take ar Wordle 115

Week 115.png

1. Smash

2. Tiresome

3. Perfidy (deliberate breach of faith or trust; faithlessness; treachery)

4. Corner

5. Phallus (an image of the male reproductive organ, especially that carried in procession in ancient festivals of Dionysus, or Bacchus, symbolizing the generative power in nature. Anatomy. the penis, the clitoris, or the sexually undifferentiated embryonic organ out of which either of these develops.)

6. Deface

7. Familiar

8. Sediment

9. Heartrending

10. Occupy

11. Rakefire (A visitor who outstays his or her welcome. Originally, someone who stays so late the dying coals in the fireplace would need to be raked over just to keep it burning.)


Use at least 10 of the words to create a story or poem

The words can appear in an alternate form

Use the words in any order that you like.


The photo was defaced so bad that at first

I couldn’t see the familiar handsome face I always saw

When walking through the front door.

She had destroyed everything that had been so precious to

Me and you.

As I  looked around the apartment she had smashed so many other

Things that it became so tiresome to think about how much more would need to be cleaned up.

I later learned she was in the league of crazy women and destroy things was her specialty.

A week later she came back and cornered the management and landlord into telling her where we moved.

But they held their ground and didn’t let her know anything.

That day is still heartrending yo me to think about and to know we had to leave the place we occupied just to be safe was nerve wrecking.

As time goes by I start to relax and enjoy our new place and hope the next girl or women you date doesn’t turn like sediment floating in the bottom of your ice tea-cup.

But dissolves when the relationship ends or at less accept  that something’s  are not meant to last and she doesn’t rakefire  when it starts to get late or were having too much fun.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes

Wordle 115





The overload

So much space between us that everything

seems so unreal as time goes on.

And I’m left empty-handed and the longer

this goes on the longer I fall apart.

But every time I see you I try to put on a brave face

and stand straight and put a smile on my face.

And hide the tears that are threatening to come out and

play out the truth that I’m not as strong as you think I am

in this situation.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes



Daily Prompt: Water

The heat is turning up outside

and my thirst for  water is high.

As the water hits my throat, I am refreshed

and I can embrace the day with the energy I need.

Water wash over me, cool me down with your touch

that will make me forget the heat that has tortured me

all day long.

Help my body to relax and to enjoy the night as the heat fades

away and the water is all every cell in my body craves.


Written: Deirdre Stokes

Daily Prompt: Water


Daily Prompt: Deprive

On a hot summer day Lil Annie was

denied her rocket ice cream bar.

For she was short five cents and no one

wanted to help her out.

She walked back home feeling sad and hot

and for the first time of her seven-year old life she was deprived of something she loved.

And it changed her view of the little things in life.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes

Daily Prompt: Deprive



Daily prompt: Fence

Please Fence me in

so I can run and play.

I am a dog and running around

is what I love to do, but you won’t

let me out without a fence.

So build me a fence so I run and play

with my rabbit friends.

Oh and I can chase the squirrels all morning long.

And when I grow tired I will come back inside and cuddle up to you.

And I will smile at you for I had such a great time behind those fences you put up.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes

Daily Prompt Fences



Trapped in a bubble

that is unbreakable.

I float from place to place

crying for help.

Trying to find the sharps edge

to break me free.

Yet no edge is sharp enough and

so float on in my bubble.

Until one day he spoke to me and

said I had to give up the things I thought

were the most important things in my life.

And if I trusted him, then he would catch me when my bubble finally pops.

His name is God and because of him

I am free.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes



Daily Prompt:Prophecy

In a small village there was a girl name Lilla or they called her “the eyes of her people.”

Everyone from young to old came to her during the week.

But one of her busy’s days were on Saturday when people would  travel far to see her.

So they too could know what’s to come of their life.

Being prophecy was hard for Lilla, for sometime the things she predicted were sad and such a terrible lost.

But she knew she had to strong for her people and, one day her daughter or son would be strong for the people when she’s long gone.

So on this long busy Saturday Lilla put a smile on her face and embraced the weight the prediction  would bring her and her clients.

The end.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes

Daily Prompt: Prophecy



Daily Prompt: Voyage

Lets go away for trip that will take us all over the world

to places we never thought we would enjoy or get to see.

Lets take a break from the worries of our life and enjoy the

time we have here.

Lets stop over thinking and start to truly enjoy the time we have

and just take action.

Leap for the chance at something amazing, this is your chance to

get away  don’t miss the only chance you may get now.

Take the trip and come back refreshed and a new view on things in your life.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes

Daily Prompt:Voyage