I don’t

Know if I’ll truly be able to just open up just let you in.

For, yet again I choose to be alone for I can’t seem to face that this is what I wanted in the first place.

I realize there is so much more but, my head just needs quite as the last couple of days has been rough sand I could really just use the space.

Trying to find something to do other than being in this space that feels a little crowded.


Written By: Deirdre Stoke



Oh how I miss the times when I had time to just enjoy my mornings and not be in a hurry all the time.

I just need a moment to just sit and enjoy the space around me.

For life is too short to not be able to enjoy it.

This time of year is when the greatest moments can happen and I won’t let the things I can’t control ruin theses moments  for me.

I feel like this time will be my time to do what I’m meant to do no matter what.


Written BY: Deirdre Stokes 


So down

In my luck as the cold air wraps all around me 

Leaving me feeling like an popsicle, so cold to touch.

I stand here wondering when I will find my pace in space like this that leaves you feeling hopeless in more than one way.

No one seems to have your back and the one that does doesn’t stick around for long for their luck is up and they are going to better places.

But where will you end up because right now life just doesn’t seem to move forward for you. 

Your just stuck in a space that is not defined or properly developed and the people running the place don’t seem to have their head on straight.

You feel as if you have lost your mind and now you’re in an institution and no matter how hold you try to be true to yourself.

You fall into their trap and the world as you know it seems to fade away leaving you with more questions than answers.

Written By: Deirdre Stokes


I dont

Nothing but darkness seems to surround the words that come out of my mouth. 

know when these words will taste sweet again for right now they are so bitter. 

I know that I must be careful but, I know the anger and frustration is at the front of my mind as I watch the same scene keeping happening in front of me.

I know that no matter how they put it the one issue isn’t going anywhere and I just don’t have a situation to this problem because well my opinion isn’t important.

As everything falls down like a weak screw in a cabinet that is not properly finished out of pure laziness.

The answer this time is to leave it all in the past and move on for the words is larger place than those who thought before.  

Written BY: Deirdre Stokes 


I wish

that more days could be filled with Joy and happiness.

That people could help one another more than the little time they can afford to give up. 

That we wouldn’t forget the things that come before and after. 

That we would cherish the things and time we have together for so much is happening.

I wish that somethings would become less important the most important thing would be family and all the things that are  too much would leave those that can’t handle it alone. 

Written BY: Deirdre Stokes 


This was

Three Line Tales, Week 147

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a joyful moment for me when I picked up that guitar and my friend dared me to play that song for him that day.

I was so happy to see that the song he had helped me  first learn how to play was still in my brain as I played it by memory and took my time to get it just right. 

That day had been a long day of us going guitar and drum shopping and we had to both love the products before he would pay for them, today was a big moment for us and we smile back at each other. 

Written BY: Deirdre Stokes