stand here to tell the truth

to not back down when they come at me crazy.

I’ve seen it all and heard it all at this point  so I’ll stand here with no emotions on my face and let you get it all out.

For it’s not personal on my end and every move you make I’ll be right there matching your steps.

Today isn’t the day that you over take me for I’ve had too much pushing me down lately.

And right now I refuse to let anything or anyone bring me down even farther.

I’m at the point that if you step too close I might bite back.

I’m a warrior now and I’m ready to fight back for my rights!


Written By : Deirdre Stokes



I want to forget about all that is going on around me. 

I’m tired of fixing other people problems but not having time to live my life. 

I’m drowning in work and being praised for working overtime like my ability to function isn’t important anymore. 

Also long as they can count on me and use me up until there is nothing left of me to spare.

To forget just for one day that this isn’t where I’m suppose to be and just let me be in a space that feels like heaven and not hell. 

Nothing but peaceful feelings all around for not just me to enjoy but those around me too. 


Written By: Deirdre Stokes



Photo by Tyler Nix on Unsplash


go  of all the stress and disappointments and misunderstandings. 

I know that times are hard but how much more can I handle at this point. 

I want to let my anger out and just let it handle the situation that is happening right now. 

But, I know that nothing right now can solve the problem that was happening right in front of me. 

I want to look you in the face and tell you that these little mistakes are starting to build up.

The possibly of everything working out is so not that easy anymore when I am just one person trying to do it all.

I don’t want to snap like a twig on the ground because you are being simple right now. 

Only time will set me free from this pain and annoyance that is surrounding me right now. 



Written By : Deirdre Stokes



Photo by Angelo Palomino on Unsplash


I look like the girl you left behind so many years ago

the girl who looked you in the eye and begged you not leave me behind.

There was nothing good going to happen to me here but, without you my chances just got so much smaller.

Than like it was yesterday you walked into my life-like not a day had passed since you had left me here.

No letters or phone calls telling me how you were doing just nothing like I didn’t matter and all the promises you made you left behind as you drove away in you big shiny blue truck.

You want to talk now but, I found it hard to say anything nice and polite to you right now as the anger of the past come bubbling back up to the surface again.

Oh how I tried to forget you at first and how it didn’t work but after getting pretty busy with the life I built it was so much easier to forget you and how it all ended for us.


Written By : Deirdre Stokes


I never

wanted to you to know that I’m looking for a way out of this place. 

I wanted you to believe so badly that I would stay and by staying I could be happy. 

But, then I woke up feeling like this was not the place I was supposed to be.

There isn’t a day when I’m truly happy here and so leaving isn’t hard for me 

for leaving the baggage behind is the best thing that I can do right now. 

I know that you will miss me but, I’m not walking away from you 

I will make sure to make you feel like the distance isn’t going to make you feel less loved than when I am standing right in front of you. 

You are the best and you have picked me up so many times before and I know that I can always count on you and at then end of the day you will always have me. 


Written By : Deirdre Stokes



me tell you about how it feels to be trapped.

You know that better days will come but you are in this box

and you want to fight your way out.

But the chance that its going to workout for you in the end

is so small that the hope in inside you is not even a thought.

You want to smile and know that the day of escaping is coming but,

the time seems to be running out for you and you just don’t see the possibility of you getting out in time.

You want to be bitter and angry but you don’t want to live your life feeling like negativity is all you can breathe in and out.

You want to live in the dark tonight or tomorrow.

You want to stand still and move enough until you know that you have accomplished the impossible and can smile at that accomplishment at the end of the day.

Knowing that the things of tomorrow will come and if it turns out great than you will smile and when it turns sour like bad milk you will get up and shake off the things that you can’t control.

And keep doing your best for this life is rough but you are one touch cookie and things will workout in the end for you.



Written By : Deirdre Stokes



Photo by Jose Llamas on Unsplash


did we get here 

on this path of so much light. 

A path that feels so right and 

so bright that the light doesn’t 

seem to end as we head down this 

road today together as one. 

No longer are we alone on this path that seem 

so long and lonely at one time. 



Written By : Deirdre Stokes